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Features of Automatic Packaging Machine

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Automatic packaging machines are generally divided into two types: semi-automatic packaging machines and automatic packaging machines. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of automatic packaging machine, I hope to help you.

Features of automatic packaging machine

The company has automatic packaging machine products


Features of automatic packaging machine

The automatic packaging machine has an advanced design, sensitive structure and reliable operation. The automatic packaging machine uses double synchronous belts to pull the film, and the tension is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder, and the automatic deviation correction and automatic alarm protection function can minimize the loss. The dispensing device is customized, and it integrates bag making, filling, printing and counting. The dispensing device for opening and closing can be modified according to the material.

1 Patent of the invention: a film roll is automatically cut and automatically converted into two packaging films in one machine, and two rows of goods are automatically packed at the same time. An automatic packaging machine has two production capacities, occupies a small space, saves people and electricity.

2.The automatic packaging machine uses touch screen control, which is easy to operate, intuitive to display, modular design of electrical equipment and digital control.

3.The automatic packing machine has three drive modes: double frequency conversion, double servo and three-axis servo. It has no mechanical drive, is stable and reliable, has low noise and high tracking accuracy.

4- Adjustment of pre- and post-loading position: automatic adjustment or adjustment by rotary knob.

5- Material handling width adjustment for automatic packing machine: the handle can be adjusted at the same time to adjust the handling width for two columns.

7.Two sets of adjustable bag holders can be combined to adjust their height and width.

8. The front drive wheel of the automatic heat-sealing press is sealed longitudinally, and the angle of the drive wheel can be adjusted during operation.

optional equipment

1. equipment for coding batch numbers with hot melt date

2. various automatic feeding devices

3. Folding device at both ends of the packing bag

4. bottom edge centre seal and waste collection device

5. a blowing device

6. device for spraying with alcohol

7. automatic film splicing device

The company has automatic packaging machine products

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