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Servo High Speed Horizontal cosmetic Tube Packing Machine

The key parts of machinery adopt 304 stainless steel structure, accord with hygienic standard of food QS and medicine GMP;

Servo control machinery is more intelligent and fool, ordinary employees can be familar with poeration in a short time;

The function of empty bag defense is to realize meterial packaging, no material shutdown, save packaging film and improve packaging efficiency;

Packaging materials do not need to adjust the position of material, directly input the length of the bag and length of material, cutting position automatically correct.

Memory function to realize automatic storage of packaging parameters, no not need to change the parameter setting while replace new material;

Anti-cutting function, reduce,material damage, protect the knife, realize the standard requirement of sealing without leakage;

Changing the length of the packaging bag does not need to adjust the cutting speed. It is easy to use directly;

Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance, operator directly troubleshooting according to the fault;

The srvo drive system is simple, easy to operate, stable in operation and vonvenient in maintenance;

Servo packaging machine expands powerful functions, can be more simple with other production equipment to form a complete set of automatic production lines;

Mature servo control technology, with overload protection, leakage protection, fault alarm and other safety devices to protect it and expand the lifetime of machine.

Technical Specification

Up to 200 products per minute
Up to 40 m/min film speed
Product and film characteristic may affect machine output

Size Range

Package cut-off length


Product width


Product height


Packaging Material Reel

Reel diameter


Core diameter


Packaging material width



max. 25KG




Power usage


Machine weight


Machine dimensions


Blade cut type

Rotary cutter

Motor configuration

Dual servo

Optional Device

date printer, auto feeder, gas charger, etc.
  • JY-350

  • JOIE


Presenting the Servo Rapid Level Restorative Cylinder Pressing Machine, a definitive answer for effective and exact bundling of corrective cylinders. Planned with state of the art servo innovation, this machine guarantees unmatched speed and exactness in the bundling system.

With an expert manner of speaking, we gladly present the critical elements of our Servo Rapid Even Superficial Cylinder Pressing Machine:

1. Fast Execution: Furnished with cutting edge servo engines, this machine offers striking velocity, empowering quick bundling of restorative cylinders. Express farewell to slow and wasteful bundling processes.

2. Flat Bundling: Our machine takes on an even bundling approach, considering consistent joining with your creation line. This flat design guarantees smooth and predictable cylinder taking care of, limiting free time and amplifying efficiency.

3. Accuracy and Exactness: The Servo Rapid Level Restorative Cylinder Pressing Machine ensures exact and precise bundling. The servo engines give excellent control, guaranteeing that each cylinder is impeccably fixed and adjusted, keeping up with the trustworthiness of your corrective items.

4. Flexible Bundling Choices: This machine obliges an extensive variety of cylinder sizes and shapes, making it reasonable for different restorative items. Whether you are bundling creams, salves, gels, or other corrective plans, our machine offers the adaptability you really want.

5. Easy to understand Connection point: Our machine includes a natural and easy to use interface, permitting administrators to handily control and screen the bundling system. With clear guidelines and continuous criticism, your group can rapidly adjust to the machine and guarantee ideal execution.

6. Strong and Sturdy Development: Worked to endure the requests of a quick moving creation climate, our Servo Fast Even Superficial Cylinder Pressing Machine is built with great materials. This guarantees life span and unwavering quality, limiting upkeep and margin time.

Put resources into the Servo Fast Even Surface level Cylinder Pressing Machine and experience the zenith of bundling effectiveness. With its high level elements and expert grade execution, this machine is the ideal decision for restorative producers trying to smooth out their bundling tasks.



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