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The Use of Sachet Packing Machine

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Sachet Packing Machine is a packaging machine. Sachet Packing Machine is a general term for packaging equipment used to package powder products. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of Sachet Packing Machine, hoping to help you.

The use of Sachet Packing Machine

The company has Sachet Packing Machine products


The use of Sachet Packing Machine

Sachet Packing Machines Vertical packing machines for industry and small businesses that are low cost to buy and run, yet produce the perfect pack that can work with a variety of materials and create different formats. Sachet packaging machines are commonly used in the food and various other product packaging industries such as bakeries, bulk food service, cheese, coffee, candy and chocolate, fresh produce, frozen food, pet food, powders, snack foods.

The sachet packaging machine is suitable for powder packaging of medicines, milk tea, milk powder, condiments, etc. It can automatically measure, bag, fill, seal, sew, and convey easy-to-flow or extremely poor powder and granular materials. fluidity. High precision, strong reliability, not easy to wear.

Generally, sachet packaging machines are suitable for automatic packaging of powdery materials that are not easy to flow in small bags. The finished packaging is in the shape of a flat bag with three or four sides sealed.

According to the different packaging materials, the sachet packaging machine can be divided into powder and granule packaging equipment: packaging of materials such as milk powder, coffee, etc.: fluid or viscous packaging equipment: packaging of materials such as sauces and oils: solid type packaging Equipment: Since the size or shape of solid shaped materials is quite different, it is necessary to use different filling and measuring methods according to different materials.

The small bag automatic packaging machine is a new automatic packaging machine integrating bag making, measuring, filling and sealing. Solid beverages, sugar, coffee, feed, solid medicine, pesticides, powder additives, dyes, etc.


It is used for the packaging of different materials such as powder, liquid, viscous body, granules, etc. It is an ideal packaging machine for food, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides and feed industries.

The company has Sachet Packing Machine products

JIUYI Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Yongyi South Road, Yongqiang Road, Wenzhou, China, specializing in R&D, Design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service. Our company has developed a variety of different types of machines, which are widely used in food, beverage, paper, metal utensils and household industries. Especially suitable for automatic packaging machines, sealing machines, filling machines, ice cream machines, food packaging machines and baking equipment.

Our Sachet Packing Machine can provide spectacular multifunctional Sachet Packing Machine, 2-500ml hot selling spectacular multifunctional Sachet Packing Machine, ready to ship, fully automatic vertical multifunctional salt filling machine and other products.

If you are satisfied with our Sachet Packing Machine, you can order directly or ask questions about the Sachet Packing Machine. We will provide you with the best Sachet Packing Machine products and services and look forward to your visit.

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