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Pillow Automatic Ketchup Vertical Packing Machine

Like most food products, dry foods require careful packaging to ensure they’re labelled and dosed correctly. At Joie machinery, our dry food equipment manufacturers can provide a number of fantastic solutions for you to choose from. Whether you need precision dosing of cereals and breakfast mixes or filling and sealing of single or multi-component dry foods, we have you covered. Browse our range to find the solution that works best for you.
Auger filler vffs form fill seal machine is suitable for most of the powder materials with the functions of weighing filling and bag making.
  • JEV-300

We are a professional manufacturer of packaging machines with 20 years of production experience. Our Pillow Automatic Ketchup Vertical Packing Machine is designed to meet the high demand for quality packaging, especially during these times of the pandemic. This machine is widely used by various mask manufacturers and other industries.

One of the key features of our packaging machine is the use of 316 material in the parts that come in contact with the packaging material. This ensures the highest level of hygiene and safety for your products. Additionally, our machine is designed to reduce packaging labor costs, as it operates at a high speed, saving time and increasing productivity.

Not only does our machine offer efficiency and cost savings, but it also provides aesthetically pleasing packaging. Whether you are packaging powders, liquids, granules, or hardware products, our machine can handle it all. With a maximum speed of 250 packs per minute, you can trust that our machine will meet your packaging needs.

Choose our Pillow Automatic Ketchup Vertical Packing Machine for its reliability, speed, and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. With our 20 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee a high-quality product that will meet your packaging requirements.




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