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Precautions for Liquid Packaging Machines

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Liquid packaging machine A packaging machine. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of liquid packaging machine, hoping to help you.

Precautions for liquid packaging machines

The company has liquid packaging machine products

Liquid packing machine

Precautions for liquid packaging machines

Liquid packaging machines are packaging machines for packaging liquid products, such as beverage filling machines, dairy filling machines, viscous liquid food packaging machines, liquid detergent and body care product packaging machines, etc. They all fall under the category of liquid packaging machines.

It is suitable for liquids such as soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, milk, etc. It adopts 0.08mm polyethylene film. The processes of forming, bag making, quantitative filling, ink printing, sealing and cutting are all carried out automatically. The film is UV sterilized before packaging, which is in line with food hygiene requirements. Due to the rich variety of liquid products, there are many types and forms of liquid packaging machines. Among them, the liquid packaging machine used for packaging liquid food has higher technical requirements, and aseptic, hygienic and safety are the basic requirements of the liquid packaging machine.

1. Before starting the liquid packaging machine each time, check and observe whether there is any abnormality around the machine.

2. During the operation of the liquid packaging machine, it is strictly forbidden for the body, hands and head to approach or touch the running parts.

3. When the liquid packaging machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put hands and tools into the sealing knife holder.

4. During the normal operation of the liquid packaging machine, it is strictly forbidden to frequently switch the operation buttons, and it is strictly forbidden to frequently change the parameter setting values at will.

5. Long-term ultra-high-speed operation of the liquid packaging machine is strictly prohibited.

6. It is forbidden for two people to operate various switch buttons and mechanisms of the liquid packaging machine at the same time; the power supply should be turned off during maintenance; when multiple people debug and repair the liquid packaging machine at the same time, they should pay attention to mutual communication and signals to prevent the lack of coordination. accident.

7. When overhauling the electrical control circuit, live work is strictly prohibited! Be sure to cut off the power! It should be done by electrical professionals, the machine is automatically locked, and no unauthorized modification is allowed.

The company has liquid packaging machine products

JIUYI Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Yongyi South Road, Yongqiang Road, Wenzhou, China, specializing in R&D, Design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service. Our company has developed a variety of different types of machines, which are widely used in food, beverage, paper, metal utensils and household industries. Especially suitable for automatic packaging machines, sealing machines, filling machines, ice cream machines, food packaging machines and baking equipment.

Our liquid packaging machines can provide multi-functional juice packaging machines, high-quality multi-functional bag packaging machines, all-in-one multi-functional filling and sealing machines and other products.

If you are satisfied with our liquid packaging machine, you can order directly or ask questions about liquid packaging machine. We will provide you with the best liquid packaging machine products and services, looking forward to your visit.

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