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servo high quality Horizontal Packing Machine Face Mask

Main Features

Soap packing Machines has been designed to pack the Toilet Bar soap in single wrap with wrapping paper. Machine has been designed to handle heat seal-able wrapper, laminates and Polly coated wrapping material. The machine is built from high precision components having the desired metallurgical and heat treatment characteristics, resulting in lower wear and tear, high life and less maintenance. The final result is a design of a robust, highly reliable, low maintenance, operator friendly machine having a high productivity and efficiency with negligible rejections.

The soap cakes are fed onto a continuous motion In-feed Conveyor. The In-feed Pushers take the soap cakes to the wrapping feed station. With the help of pulling rollers, the reel fed wrapper is positioned between the cakes and tumble Box. The wrapper is cut to the required length as the In-feed Pushers push the soap along with the cut wrapper into the turret.


Introducing our high-quality Horizontal Packing Machine, designed specifically for packaging face masks. In these unprecedented times of the pandemic, the demand for face masks has skyrocketed, and various manufacturers are utilizing this type of packaging machine.

What sets our packaging machine apart is the use of 316 material in the parts that come in contact with the mask. This ensures the highest level of hygiene and safety for the packaged masks.

Our Horizontal Packing Machine offers numerous benefits, including a reduction in packaging labor costs. With its high-speed capabilities, it saves valuable time while ensuring a visually appealing and eco-friendly packaging solution.

The machine's impressive speed can reach up to 250 packages per minute, making it suitable for packaging various products such as powders, liquids, particles, and hardware.

Invest in our servo high-quality Horizontal Packing Machine and streamline your packaging process with efficiency and professionalism.




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